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Many visitors to Ludlow, whether strolling along Linney or looking down from the Castle, will have observed the trim green and red chequerboard of bowling green and tennis courts which make up the Ludlow Castle Bowling and Tennis Club, established just over 100 years ago.

What they may not have noticed is the large area of lawn just beyond, known as the North Field, and acquired by the Club a few years ago. This is now the home of a small band of croquet enthusiasts.  Even if it isn’t quite as smooth and finely mown as the bowling green, it looks very good, thanks to the regular ministrations of its members – and plays extremely well. It makes a perfect setting for a much loved, but under-appreciated, summer game.


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Winter 2020 update

Our lawns were badly flooded twice over the past winter. Fortunately no major damage to equipment or mowers has occurred. During the current coronavirus shutdown, individual committee members are taking it in turns to maintain the lawns in good condition ready for start of play as soon as government restrictions are lifted. Our chairman, John Aitken, says:

If members nearby wish to take advantage of a walk around the lawns for their exercise, they might pick up any debris they find, and poke any weeds they see!

Visit of Eardisley Croquet Club, 12 August, 2019

We were pleased to welcome Eardisley croquet club for a friendly competition of Golf Croquet recently. A great time was had by all. Needless to say,  Eardisley won!

National Croquet Day, 12 May 2019, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

As Ludlow’s contribution to the Croquet Association’s ‘National Croquet Day’, we are inviting all who are interested in trying the game to join us here at the Linney (see How to find us) on Sunday 12th May from 2:00pm onwards. Mallets, hoops, etc. will be provided, as well as some tuition. Refreshments available!

Grasscutting.  We have been strongly advised that it would be very beneficial to continue cutting the grass throughout the winter, with a slightly higher cut.   In the last quarter of 2018 we applied weed-killer and iron sulphate to both lawns, spread fertiliser and over-seeded the lawns.  Some selective further seeding may need doing in March, particularly on lawn 2 as large areas of weeds have disappeared and been replaced in part by moss.  The current look of the lawns is very encouraging, especially now we have been able to start to mow them as recommended.  We cut and rolled both lawns again in mid-February and also mulched the outfield.  We will be applying some iron sulphate before the 2019 season starts to reduce the moss on lawn 2.

John Aitken working hard on the lawn 1 winter cut
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