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Many visitors to Ludlow, whether strolling along Linney or looking down from the Castle, will have observed the trim green and red chequerboard of bowling green and tennis courts which make up the Ludlow Castle Bowling and Tennis Club, established just over 100 years ago.

What they may not have noticed is the large area of lawn just beyond, known as the North Field, and acquired by the Club a few years ago. This is now the home of a small band of croquet enthusiasts.  Even if it isn’t quite as smooth and finely mown as the bowling green, it looks very good, thanks to the regular ministrations of its members – and plays extremely well. It makes a perfect setting for a much loved, but under-appreciated, summer game.

Summer Fun Day

The club organised a social for members and their guests, to celebrate our continuing success. Members contributed to the raffle which helped raise funds for our new mower. A great time was had by all, and we were blessed with good weather.

Marilyn Gaunt of Factotum Films kindly produced this record of our Open Day.

Winter 2021 update

Our lawns were badly flooded again this winter, but this time the steering group was better prepared, and able to rescue equipment before major damage was done.

Grass cutting.  As in previous winters, we have continued light mowing of our lawns, which helps to better prepare them for the start of the new season. Thanks to Bob Purcell for organising this.

Both the tennis courts (foreground) and the croquet lawns were flooded again in Jan 2021.
The floods receded quickly enough

2020 season

The club had a good season, and attracted many new members. The COVID-19 pandemic may have influenced the increased membership, as croquet is well suited to socially distancing outdoors. However there are concerns that the club may lose members who want to develop competitively, so the club is taking steps to improve coaching. More on this following the AGM and Chairman’s report.

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