Corona guidelines

Covid-19 Precautions for Playing Croquet

12th March, 2021  Version 4 (may be updated if mandated restrictions/advice changes) 

The Croquet Association offers advice to clubs and players, to minimise the risk of infection by Covid-19 when clubs decide to open for play.  Both clubs and players should follow Government guidance, particularly those in vulnerable groups; this advice supplements that general guidance by covering situations specific to croquet.

The Club

Before 29th March, the club is not open for play, but maintenance will continue.

From 29th March 2021, play may commence, but subject to the following:

The clubhouse should only be used to access toilet and hand washing facilities. 

Cleaning products will be provided to maintain a clean environment and enable players to wipe down equipment after use.

Hand sanitiser and latex gloves will be available for players who are unable to bring and use their own

Club days will be available, so no need to book, however please note that social distancing requirements must continue to be met.

No more than six people (or people from no more than two households) may occupy a full-sized lawn (i.e. lawn 1a+1b or 2a+2b). For half-sized lawns, the club has decided to limit the maximum number to four.

In reality with four half-sized lawns, this means a maximum of sixteen players can play at any one time

No extra-curricular or social activity should take place.

Guests/ visitors/ spectators should maintain social distancing between themselves and players.

Members can apply to the secretary or other committee member to borrow a club mallet for a limited period to minimise risk of cross contamination though mallet sharing.

Advice to Players

Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu, in particular a cough or high temperature. Use the NHS helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are living with someone experiencing symptoms or are living with someone in one of the vulnerable groups.

Stay at least 2 metres apart from other players at all times.

Any activity should be in line with the Government’s social distancing measures at all times, including when going to and departing from a lawn. Consequently, do not shake hands before or after a game.

Use disposable gloves provided (or bring your own) during play and wash your hands and clean any equipment you use, such as hoops, balls and club mallets, before and after you play. Disposable latex gloves are available to players.

Use your feet, rather than hands to position balls where you can do so.

Padlocks, keys and door handles should be cleaned before and after use.

Use the court booking system but restrict reservations to four weeks ahead maximum

Dress appropriately prior to travelling to the club, rather than changing there.

Bring any food or drink you might need.

Booking system 

Because we have to keep numbers down, members can book lawns using our online booking system at If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one through the booking system. Alternatively let Mike know by email ( and he can reset it.  If you are aware of members who have not been registered to use the booking system, please can you ask them to email him.

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