About us

Full membership is £50. Students aged 25 and under pay £25. Potential members may play twice without charge before deciding whether they wish to join. The season starts on 1 March and ends when the lawns become unplayable. Guests may play for three sessions at £4 per session, after which they must become members to continue. Parties of 4 may play in a morning, afternoon or evening for £20.

We do not have a formal date when we no longer play as we can continue if the weather allows us to do so and our worms are not very active in producing their casts.

We have a Steering Group to manage the club and arrange for the lawns to be prepared for play. We are very aware that the lawns need to become flatter and we intend over the next three years to make significant improvements to them.

The membership of the Steering Group is: 

Chairman                   John Aitken
Secretary                    Rosemary Fullerton
Treasurer                   Joan Mason
Maintenance             Mike Coulson
Membership              Jane Dickinson
Liaison                        John Nash
Coaching                    David Jones, Bob Purcell

Contact details

Chairman                   John Aitken    01584 877279
email:                          johnaitken01@yahoo.co.uk

Secretary                   Rosemary Fullerton    01584 876582
email:                         rosemary.fullerton@gmail.com

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